Facebook as a Virtual Learning Space to Connect Multiple Language Classrooms


  • Paul L. Sebastian
  • Rob A. Martinsen




This study examined the potential of the Facebook group utility in
assisting 54 university Spanish students and pre-service Spanish
teachers as they explored their roles as teachers and learners.
Participants represented two Spanish language classes and two
Spanish teaching methods classes at the university level. These classes
were combined into a Facebook group and student interactions were
recorded. A qualitative case study was used to frame the 12 week
research project. Data were collected from the Facebook group wall,
weekly student reports, and a final optional survey (n = 42). Results
were organized with respect to how participants used the Facebook
group, how the virtual and physical learning spaces were connected,
benefits of participation as perceived by the students, and genuineness
of student contributions. Recommendations are offered for those
considering the implementation of similar virtual learning spaces as
extensions of face-to-face foreign language or teacher training




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Sebastian, P. L., and R. A. Martinsen. “Facebook As a Virtual Learning Space to Connect Multiple Language Classrooms”. IALLT Journal of Language Learning Technologies, vol. 45, no. 1, Oct. 2015, pp. 44-69, doi:10.17161/iallt.v45i1.8549.