Mobile-Assisted Language Learning

Application Development Projects Within Reach for Language Teachers


  • Dana Lindaman
  • Dan Nolan



To many, developing language-learning tools for mobile platforms
seems out of reach. Mobile app development projects require a wide
array of specialized skills that many language teachers do not possess.
This article reports on a set of mobile language learning application
development projects initiated by language teachers. By setting
attainable goals and focusing on collaboration, faculty in these
projects have been able to take advantage of the new possibilities
mobile devices offer for language instruction. Faculty adopted Design-
Based Research methodologies in an Ecological Constructivist
framework in order to design, implement, and test their apps in
collaboration with students and faculty from across the campus. The
results suggest that app development projects are feasible for language
teachers, and that pedagogically sound apps can reduce some of the
anxiety associated with learning a foreign language.




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Lindaman, D., and D. Nolan. “Mobile-Assisted Language Learning: Application Development Projects Within Reach for Language Teachers”. IALLT Journal of Language Learning Technologies, vol. 45, no. 1, Oct. 2015, pp. 1-22, doi:10.17161/iallt.v45i1.8547.