An Online Oral Practice/Assessment Platform

Speak Everywhere


  • Atsushi Fukada



Despite its obvious importance, it appears that in many foreign
language programs, oral practice is not given as much time and
attention as it deserves. Or perhaps it is more accurate to say that
foreign language professionals recognize the need for more oral
practice, but do not have at their disposal a convenient means to
provide it. An online oral practice/assessment platform, Speak
Everywhere, has been developed to fill this void. It allows instructors
without special computer knowledge to quickly create video-based
speaking exercises and quizzes for their students to work on outside the
classroom. The instructor can access the oral productions that the
students submit to the system, and grade them or give individual
feedback on them either in text or audio or both. Using its flexible and
easy-to-use authoring sub-system, it is possible to create exercises of
various formats (e.g. Q&A, repeat after the model, structure drills,
role-play, and oral reading).