Whither the Language Lab?

  • Trisha Dvorak
  • Brigitte Charlotteaux
  • Read Gilgen
  • David Herren
  • Chris Jones
  • Ruth Trometer


Language Labs have experienced many changes over the
past several years, from changes in names to changes in direction.
This edited transcription of a panel discussion at the
1994 TESOL conference by six experienced language lab directors
provides an informal and free-wheeling discussion
about the following questions: (1) What's in a name (change)?
(2) What is the most appropriate role for technology with respect
to language learning and teaching? (3) What is the role
of the language lab vis-a-vis faculty and adminis tration? (4)
What are students' perceptions of language labs? (5) What
has had the greatest impact on language labs over the last ten
to twenty years? (6) What are the fundamental characteristics
of the ideal lab director? (7) What is the greatest challenge
facing the language lab today, as well as into the next decade?
(8) Whither the language lab? What direction do we see ourselves
moving in the next generation?