Incorporating Facebook in an Intermediate-Level Chinese Language Course

A Case Study

  • Shenggao Wang
  • Deoksoon Kim


This qualitative case study examined four undergraduates in an
intermediate-level Chinese language class. We investigated
participants’ perceptions of Facebook as a pedagogical tool in Chinese
language learning and their engagement in free posting and online
Chinese communication on Facebook. Data include all participants’
Facebook posts and comments, a semi-structured survey questionnaire,
semi-structured interviews, and researchers’ online observations and
field notes. Our analysis revealed that participants engaged in a free
Facebook posting activity mainly through (a) affective expression, (b)
interactive communication, and (c) group-oriented salutations. These
Facebook-supported social interactions offered many opportunities for
language-learners to use Chinese in a relatively authentic environment
while carrying out familiar on-line activities. Participants also
reported that they favored both the concept of free writing in Chinese
and its integration into Facebook posting. The study suggests that
language-learning tasks should be authentic and that the use of
technological tools such as Facebook can provide such tasks.