A Web-Based Tutorial for the Instruction of Spanish Pragmatics


  • Victoria Russell
  • Camilla Vásquez




In this paper, we present a Web-based tutorial (WBT), developed for
instruction on Spanish pragmatics. The WBT was designed to teach
learners of Spanish as a foreign language about the speech acts of
complaints and requests, and the content of the WBT is based on available
empirical evidence about these speech acts. We describe and illustrate, in
detail, the format, structure, and various sections of the WBT, including:
lessons, ancillary support, and assessment. In addition, some technical
considerations in the development of the WBT, such as the user interface
design, are also discussed. The paper concludes with suggestions for
implementing this open access WBT in various teaching contexts, as well
as a discussion of directions for future research. Given the paucity of
materials available for the instruction of Spanish pragmatics, either in
print or on the Web, the WBT fills an important gap and provides a model
for the development of future online pragmatics-focused materials.