Do Wikis Affect Grammatical Aspects of Second Language Writing

  • Ulf Schuetze


This paper reports on a study that investigated the use of wikis in a first-year German as a second language class. The focus of the study was to analyze students’ use of grammar. Three classes of 24 students each participated in the study: one class using wikis and one class not using wikis to collaborate on two writing assignments; and one control group. Descriptive statistics as well as ANOVA were used to analyze the assignments as well as the writing components of two tests. Results showed the class using wikis benefited in their writing assignments regarding complex syntax (word order) but encountered problems with the same structures in a test. In addition, a short survey was carried out, asking students of the class using wikis about their experience, attitude and anxiety towards such a technology. Most students felt comfortable participating in a shared online writing task and thought that it helped their writing.