Students and ICT

an analysis of student reaction to the use of computer technology in language learning

  • David Barr


to the use of information and communications technology
(ICT) in their language learning experience. Although the
findings apply to the language-learning context, there are more
generic implications for the wider area of computer enhanced
learning. The study uses qualitative and quantitative data
collected as part of a doctoral investigation into computerbased
language-learning environments. The paper considers
one main research question: are students resistant, radical or
reluctant users of the technology, and why? It examines how
and why students use the Web, e-mail and CALL packages to
enhance their learning. This study shows that students are
generally not unsympathetic towards it, although some of the
factors that affectthe level of student use of the technology, such
as course relevance and access of computers, are often outside
their control.