Using Technology in Language Teaching and Listening Comprehension

Revisiting What Teachers Should Know and Do

  • Linda C. Jones


Previous arguments concerning the influence of technology on
learning have proposed that it is either the medium that influences
learning or it is the instructional design applied to a particular
medium that enhances knowledge acquisition (Oark 1983; Kozma
1991). Absent from both perspectives is the role of the teacher and
and the instructional materials used, but must also be cognizant of
other instructional components necessary for the effective use of
technology. This paperreemphasizes the status of the teacher as the
central decision-maker of technology use in language teaching, or
in this instance, media-basedlisteningcomprehension. Previous
research and recent results of a qualitative study on the" mismanagement"
of listening comprehension technology support and
reflect how a teacher's combined knowledge of students' preferences
and needs, sound pedagogical and theoretical strategies, and
the media and materials used can influence language learning
through media-based activities.